Melville Family Dental

Dr Mostafa Hussain, BDSc (WA)

Principal Dentist

Dr Mostafa comes from a family of healthcare providers and always admired the relationships that his family developed with the people they care for. With a background in physics and engineering, Dr Mostafa decided that dentistry was the perfect profession for him. By combining the art and science of dentistry, he satisfies both his desire to design and his passion for expressing his creative talent.

‘Dentistry challenges and rewards me every day’. – Dr Mostafa

Developing meaningful and warm relationships with patients provides Dr Mostafa with endless satisfaction and meaning in his professional career.

Dr Mostafa Hussain earned his Bachelor of Dental Science degree from the University of Western Australia in 2013 and is currently working toward his gIDE Institute Masters Clinician Program for Dental Implants to advance his skills.

When he's relaxing, you will find Dr Mostafa spending time with his wife and following soccer as an avid fan. He also enjoys creating new culinary delights for his family and friends. Dr Mostafa and his wife recently expanded their family and were delighted to welcome their first child in 2018.