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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

We respect the choices our patients make for their oral health and never recommend one treatment over another. Instead, we use technology and patient education to explain dental conditions thoroughly and then discuss each treatment option with their benefits and limitations to help patients make the best decision for their smiles.

Intraoral camera – A small digital camera captures photos of individual teeth or tissue conditions, which we can then show to patients on our treatment room monitors. This helps patients see what our dentists see inside the mouth and can have an impact on their final decision.

Photographs – Using extraoral photographs of how teeth come together, the appearance of the profile, and before-and-after images of possible outcomes, patients can visualise their future smiles.

X-rays – As one of our early diagnosis tools, dental x-rays reveal dental caries (decay), bone loss, infection and fracture, which our dentists can explain to you by going over the images and what they show us about your smile.

We also understand that some patients wish to avoid complex surgeries or have specific budgetary considerations. You will never find our team selling dentistry. We are here to help you have the smile that works best for you.

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