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Dr Lidia values technology for the ways in which it can make patient treatment more successful and comfortable. We implement the latest evidence-based technologies into our Melville dental practice to deliver the most precise and modern dental procedures available today.

Technology complements our dentists' advanced training and experience to benefit our patients.

Digital Dental X-Rays

While having questions about radiation exposure is a valid concern, digital dental x-ray technology reduces radiation so dramatically that you actually absorb more from the atmosphere by spending time outside on a sunny day than you will from your routine x-rays.

We also care about our environment. Digital x-rays eliminate the need for chemical development and the disposal of film-based x-ray materials.

Digital x-rays appear instantly on treatment room monitors to diagnose problems quickly. Our dentists will go over your conditions and discuss your options with you.

Televisions in Treatment Rooms

Many patients like to have a distraction to reduce anxiety or quiet the sound of dental instruments. Televisions in our treatment rooms give patients the opportunity to relax and catch up on their favourite programmes or movies.

Rotary Endodontics

Root canals do not have to be painful. Your dentist will expertly anaesthetise the tooth to ensure comfortable care. Root canal treatment is more efficient when using the latest rotary instruments to clean out infected canals and reduce the likelihood of any complications.

Fast and comfortable root canal therapy is possible at our Melville dental clinic.

Intraoral Camera

If you have ever tried to look at your own tooth in a mirror, you know it’s nearly impossible.

Seeing what your dentist sees is beneficial for patients who are seeking to better understand their own oral health. Intraoral cameras snap high-resolution photos of fractured or broken teeth, recession and other oral conditions inside the mouth so you can see them clearly right from the chair. 

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