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Are root canals painful?

Root canals are designed to get you out of pain, not to cause pain. Essentially, the root canal procedure should be the same experience for the patient as a filling appointment, only slightly longer. 

We make every procedure painless and comfortable by using gentle anaesthetic techniques to numb the tooth and nerve before we begin. Because the symptoms of an infected root canal cause inflammation and pain, patients have long associated the procedure with discomfort. We would like to reassure you that you will feel much better after root canal treatment.

Your Meliville dentist will use the latest titanium rotary endodontic instruments to reduce treatment time and provide greater accuracy. Rather than files, small, flexible rotary tips gently remove infected tissue and bacteria from the canals within the tooth.

Your dentist will then place medication to assist your body in the healing process. It is common to feel slight sensitivity for a few days as inflammation decreases. We will then arrange a follow-up visit to check healing and discuss reinforcing your tooth with the proper restoration. Typically, a dental crown will prevent your tooth from fractures.

For gentle root canal procedures from our experienced Melville Family Dental team, we welcome you to contact us. We treat dental emergencies.