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Will I need a specialist for a tooth extraction?

Only the thought of tooth extractions can be scary! Lucky enough, Dr Lidia and her team have the skills and experience to preserve your teeth. When an extraction is still required, we have the experience and technology to get you through it in the least painful way and at your pace.

When we examine your teeth, we explain to you, what our findings are, how we recommend to proceed, and what the different steps will be. We listen to your worries, and with the range of possibilities, we provide, we find the best way to get through this procedure together.

Our patients appreciate the convenience and comfort of having oral surgery in our Melville dental clinic with a clinical team who has the experience and gentle chairside manner necessary to make surgery a success – both emotionally and physically.

If tooth extraction leaves a gap in your smile, we provide tooth-replacement options, including dental implants, bridges, dentures and implant-supported dentures, to complete your smile.

If you have a dental emergency or believe you need a painful tooth extracted, we welcome you to contact our Melville dental clinic to arrange an appointment.