Melville Family Dental

Do you treat children?

We warmly welcome children of all ages in our Melville dental clinic and take a special interest in looking after their smiles. Building excellent oral health habits and motivation to keep teeth healthy while children are small will help them enjoy fewer dental problems and avoid tooth loss as adults.

We provide comprehensive paediatric dentistry in a caring and compassionate environment.

Your Child’s First Visit

At your child’s first visit, we help them get to know our team and become familiar with the dental clinic environment. Many of our staff have children and understand how to speak in gentle terms that kids understand.

We take the fear out of dentistry by encouraging their questions and making their visit an interactive experience. Since every patient is unique, including kids, we always go at their pace and will never pressure them to have treatment beyond their comfort or attention spans.

Oral Development and Growth

As children grow, regular exams and cleans will make it possible for our dentists to identify any instances of decay, misalignment or jaw development early when they are easier to treat.

As your little one grows into their teens, we are here to evaluate wisdom teeth and help them feel confident in their smiles as they begin to make their way in the world.